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We are about to launch our new and improved website for our Celebrations of Life Store! We are super excited to be able to bring you a self service, large selection of templates for every occasion. Our superstore is growing with more and more visitors like you finding templates compatible with Word, Publisher, OpenOffice, and Apple iWork Pages.

We are the largest online superstore for templates relating to every event celebrated! Our designs are unsurpassed and highly sought after. EVEN our competitors watch us closely to copy our website and designs. You know who you are! We are watching you too to ensure you are not violating our copyright laws.

On our Celebrations of Life Store you will find ready made templates for holidays, weddings, memorials, graduation, church related events and so much! If your creating an invitaiton, than we have the template for that occasion! We also have a large collection of guest books, plantable seed favors, printing services, and other favors for your picking.

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Father’s Day Poem


In honor of Father’s Day last weekend, I came up with this beautiful and elegant script that is formed from a short poem about dear dad. This simply reads:

“Dad, your life is full of loving deeds, forever thoughtful of our special needs, today & tomorrow, my whole life through I will always love and cherish you”. This is such a lovely sentiment to the first hero of a son and the first love of a daughter. The father is an important unit in the family and like mom, shapes the heart and mind of a child. I am thankful to have a wonderful father who is caring and dependable.

My husband is a wonderful father and our kids adore him. I know its not always like that with every family and there are alot of disfunctional issues going around, which is unfortunate. On Father’s Day, even if you didn’t have the best dad or a happy childhood, its time to get past all the junk and be proud of the person you are today because of it.

This elegant titled script can be purchased at our online superstore on the Celebrations of Life

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It’s Wedding Season!

template017.berlinaIn a week, we will officially be in the summer season and that means, more wedding to have and attend! Weddings are probably the single most biggest event in a person’s life and one that can cost thousands of dollars for all the things you want to include.

We wanted to help the bride and groom in trimming some expenses by providing beautiful wedding printed materials that are cost effective. We have wedding related templates for every printed item you can imagine that you would use for a wedding shower all the way to the thank you note!

Templates available from our Celebrations of Life Store are bachelorette and bachelor party invitations, r.s.v.p, invitations, programs, thank you notes, menus, reception invitations, and shower invitations! You can create it yourself and yet produce a product that looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on. That is pretty great and all with a minimal price tag to go with it.

Saving time and money is our goal when it comes to the DIY printable templates we create for our customers. The program shown here is a sample of our wedding program template called “Berlina“.

Summer BBQs Invitations

summer bbq birthday party invitation template

This design offers a picnic tablecloth, grilling tools, bbq

Summer is fast approaching and what is more reminiscent of summer than backyard BBQs?

Hot off the press are our summer barbeque invitations perfect for a gathering or birthday party. The designs are sure to entice your invitees and get them ready and in the mood for the upcoming festivities!

This design shown here is one of my favorite designs which underwent quite a process to achieve the final look you see here. It’s contained at our Celebrations of Life Store under birthday invitations but can really be used for any summer BBQ event.

We are quite proud of the illustration and overall design which gets the appetite and excitement going! You are able to print just the front and leave the back of it blank or white, if desired. We always provide a back design should you opt to use it for a perfect coordinating look. The choice is yours to embellish as much or as little as you like. Template is compatible with software you own such as Word®, Publisher®, Apple iWork Pages®, and OpenOffice® on a MAC or Windows computer.

Filler text is always included so all you need to do is edit it and make it customized to your own event. Use the font we’ve used or select one of your own from your own computer font collection. This template contains so much versatility!

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templates for every occasion

Creative Media Web is an great online resource for finding templates online for any occasion. This is the hub or heartbeat or our company where you will find useful information regarding our template designs to help you produce a professional invitation, program or card. You will find our online SUPERSTORES at and

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This is the place to be for finding templates relating to birthdays, baby, wedding, children, baptism, anniversaries, reunions, Christmas, graduations and so much more!

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